Celebrating Finland’s 100th birthday

For many it is a surprise that Finland is actually so young country, but yes – the beautiful Maiden of the North is getting 100 years old on December 6th, 2017.

If it was another country in question, there would be a day or two of big celebrations on the occasion. But in Finland, “getting 100” is a matter of pride worth a year-long celebration. Media around the world has already paid attention to this fact, and so Finland suddenly became one the world’s must-visit places for 2017. The beauty of Finland has been praised in, among others, the Lonely Planet, the National Geographic,  the Financial Times and The New York Times.

We have to confession to make, however. We don’t know what all the fuss is about. For both of us Finland is magical every single day… even when the snow messes up your mascara. Granted, this year there are many more events than usual because of the celebrations (more information on Finland 100), and Finland’s birthday is the perfect occasion to highlight the good sides of the country. But at the end of the day, Finland’s jubilee is nothing more than a good excuse to jump on a plane and simply…visit Finland! In addition to all the exciting events, one can experience the things that have made Finland unique since its 1st very first birthday: the breathtaking nature and the attractive culture.

Launching our blog exactly in the beginning of 2017 might be a coincidence, but the Nordic South Sisters want to show their appreciation and solidarity with the celebration. One funny way to do this was by painting our pictures in the blue and white colors of the Finnish flag!

You can make your own in the Finland’s Faces application.


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